My Knowledge


I will turn your surroundings into a barrier free space suitable to everybody, so that everyone can enjoy the best days they have in a year with the highest possible recreational value and without being hindered in any way.
The design and functionality of all the rooms will meet and reflect the structural requirements of the house and of course of the guests, by practical and inconspicuous integration of equipment and aids into the overall system. The personnel can thus smoothly handle the requirements of all guest groups. With accurately devised planning and optimisation of the current statutory requirements for reduced construction costs, my aim is to ensure an increasingly sustainable added value.

In no way must the "barrier free" concept mean the same as "adapted for disabilities". The term embraces so much more: the hotel facilities, the guest rooms and the overall surroundings are designed to suit anyone, whatever the life they lead: children, families, seniors, with or without disabilities and regardless of their circumstances, impairments or disabilities.
Often one becomes aware of how much "barrier freedom" is lacking only when one is no longer capable of moving oneself forward or of looking after oneself in an "unimpaired" manner.

I envisage my task as that of consistently confronting the hotel and tourist markets with the concept of barrier-freedom. Which offers us the opportunity of mutually benefiting, through my knowledge and my ideas, from the chance of paving a way into the future.

I believe in integrating my help only where help is useful. The focus must consistently lie on design and functional freedom - no one really wants clinic-like surroundings any more.
I am capable of evaluating business potentiality both from a company's and from a guest's viewpoint, as I firmly believe in consistently striving to reach win-win solutions.
Solutions through which I can win a sustainable future for us all.

All my energy therefore focuses anew on each individual project, where none of my solutions can ever be standardised!

Alexander Lang